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Why you should own a Comfortaire

  • adjustable bed Comfortaire

    A history of innovation.

    Our commitments to innovation and sleep research assure you that the products we sell are designed to provide the ultimate levels of individual sleep comfort. Learn More.

  • adjustable bed eco friendly

    Bamboo and beans.

    We don’t just innovate comfort, we also innovate manufacturing and materials, working to protect the world we all live in. That’s comfort for living. Learn More.

  • adjustable bed compare to sleep number

    Comfort for life.

    From starting a family to raising children, to weddings and everything in between, the beauty of adjustable support is that your mattress can change to fit your body as you move through life. Learn More.

  • adjustable bed air bed

    Air is just right.

    Not too hard. Not too soft. Air delivers a natural “walking posture” critical for proper support and better sleep, with infinite adjustability that will fit you perfectly. Learn More.

  • adjustable bed top brand

    The rest is history.

    The road to better sleep has not always been a bed of roses. Rest assured though, with Comfortaire, you need look no further.
    Learn More.