Living with your Comfortaire.

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Your Comfortaire will be easier to live with than any mattress you’ve ever owned. It’s not just the most individually comfortable mattress. It’s not just built from the best materials. Not just the most reliable. Not just the easiest to keep fresh or renew. Your Comfortaire mattress is supported by friendly, knowledgeable customer service from folks who have been around our mattresses for years. We can help you take care of anything you will ever need for your Comfortaire.


Q. Where are the fuses? What kind of fuses are they? Where can I purchase new ones?

A. The fuses are located in the back of the pump by the electrical plug. They are six-amp fuses that can be found at your local hardware store.

Q. Can I over-inflate my mattress?

A. You cannot over-inflate your mattress. Although the pump motor may continue running after the bed is full, it will switch into neutral.

Q. How long does it take for the Visco foam to recover from shipping?

A. It takes twelve hours for Visco foam to expand completely to its normal size.

Q. What are the plugs for?

A. The plugs are used to stopper the hoses in case you want to remove the pump without losing air. You can also use AA batteries in place of the plugs that are provided.

Q. What if I think my bed is leaking air?

A. If your bed seems to be leaking air, start by filling it to full capacity. Clip the hose next to the pump and plug hoses. Let the mattress sit overnight; this will determine if you have a leak and, if you do, whether the leak is in the pump or in the bed itself. If you discover the source of a leak, please call customer service at 1-800-759-0594 for additional help.

Q. Should I use a surge suppressor?

A. Your air control unit is equipped with an internal surge protector, so additional surge protection is not needed or recommended.

Q. Are Comfortaire® Whisperflo™ Comfort Control™ hand controls cordless or wired?

A. All Comfortaire hand controls are wired. Thanks to our wired design, you will never need to worry about replacing batteries or losing your hand controls. Each Comfortaire Whisperflo comes standard with two wired hand controls.

Q. How is your Customer Service if I need a part?

A. Thanks to our friendly, long-term associates, our customer service department is one of the best in the industry! Our associates truly know our products, and their guidance can provide you with fast, accurate help in finding the right part.

Tips for using the IFC 2001.

  • Only one user may operate his or her hand control at a time. Using both hand controls simultaneously will cause the unit to automatically lock out one user.
  • Fuses are located in a panel at the cord attachment for easy access.
  • Air filter can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • The two buttons to the right and left of the instant inflate button are non-operational.

Tips for using the Whisperflo 4200.

  • Comfortaire mattresses actually read your body weight, so you should be on your mattress when adjusting firmness except in the case of 100% inflate.
  • Only one user may operate his or her hand control at a time. Using both hand controls simultaneously will cause the unit to automatically lock out one user.
  • Fuses are located in a panel at the cord attachment for easy access.
  • Pressure is based on body weight. The back-pressure created in the pump by your weight will be broken into 100 different firmness options for you to choose from.

Using the Whisperflo 6200.

Comfortaire’s new Whisperflo 6200 air control system uses unique technology. This section offers answers to your questions and tips to help you get the most from your new air control system.

Q. Can I adjust both sides of the bed with one hand control?

A. No, each side responds to its own hand control.

Q. Can I adjust both sides of the bed at the same time?

A. No. The system can only execute one command at a time. If you attempt to use both hand controls simultaneously, one remote will flash to signal that the system is busy. When the first command is finished, a new command may be sent to the other side of the bed.

Q. Will the bed go flat if the system is unplugged?

A. No. The system will continue to hold air, even when it is not connected to any electricity.

Q. My system says the bed is at maximum pressure when I lie on it, but when I stand up the bed seems less full. Why is that?

A. If you are sitting or lying on your bed while it inflates, your weight will affect the system’s measurement of the air inside (which is calculated in PSI, or pounds per square inch). The addition of your body weight can indicate to the system that the bed is fully inflated before it really is, causing the unit to stop pumping air sooner than if there were no weight applied to the bed. To obtain maximum inflation, your bed should be filled to .75 PSI before any weight is put on the bed.

Q. Why didn’t the pump respond when a command was sent?

A. The pump could be unresponsive for several reasons. For instance, your bed may already be filled to the desired pressure; if this is the case, the pump will sense that no further inflation is needed and remain dormant. It is also possible that the pump did respond but was too quiet for you to hear, or that it made an adjustment too small for you to feel. With 65 separate settings for each side of the bed, slight changes in your target PSI can be too subtle to feel obviously different from one another.

Q. What is the clicking noise coming from the system?

A. You may hear this sound when the pump it is deflating. This clicking noise, which is normal, means the bed’s deflation mechanism is working properly.

Q. What should I do if the hand control’s display doesn’t light, “freezes,” or won’t control the pump?

A. Check the connection between the hand control cord and the side of the pump. Unplug the cord, wait 15 seconds, and then plug it in again. If that doesn’t resolve your problem, try unplugging both hand control cords from the pump, then unplugging the unit from the wall. Wait 2 minutes. Finally, reconnect both hand controls to the pump before plugging the unit back into the wall.

Special instructions for using the Whisperflo 6200.


Install your pump:

When installing the pump unit, provide at least 6 inches (15 cm) of lateral clearance and at least 1 inch (3 cm) of vertical clearance between the pump and any obstructions (such as your bed frame, walls, other objects, etc.). PVC tubes from the pump must not be pinched or kinked!

Cleaning your pump and hand controls:

UNPLUG THE PUMP from the wall outlet before doing any cleaning. Both the pump and the hand controls may be cleaned using a damp cloth and light detergent, but only when the unit is NOT connected to any AC power source.

A Guide to Getting Along With Your Comfortaire.

You’ll probably never have a moment’s trouble with your Comfortaire bed—but just in case, here are a few easy steps to follow if your bed is not working properly.

General Set-Up Tips.

If the mattress does not inflate properly after set-up:

  1. Look for kinks in the air hose.
  2. Make sure hoses have been applied properly:
    1. Seat hose components completely. Slide the air hose all the way up to the housing of the pump.
    2. Hand-tighten clamp.
    3. Tighten clamp 2 clicks with pliers.
  3. Plug it in! Make sure the outlet works.

If foam support pads are compressed or improperly shaped:

  1. Give your foam a chance to recover. It will probably be “squashed” from packing and shipping, but if you give it a chance your foam will come back to life over the 12 hours after unpacking.

Slow Leak? Check Fittings.

  1. Take off the clamp.
  2. Cut off the hose 1” from the air pump nozzle. (Cutting instead of pulling the old hose from the nozzle avoids causing any damage to the nozzle.) Split and peel the remaining hose from the plastic nozzle.
  3. If the problem persists:
    1. Cut the hose from the air pump nozzle. (Never cut hose near the air core!)
    2. Find your plugs.
    3. Stopper the hose with plugs (or a AA Battery). This should isolate the problem.
    4. If the bed leaks, the problem is the chamber. If the bed holds, the pump is the problem. Either way, call your dealer or call Comfortaire at 1-800-759-0594.

Pump will not operate.

  1. Check your fuse, located by the face plate on both pumps. Fuses are available anywhere if yours needs to be replaced.
  2. Plug it in! Make sure the outlet works.

Pump works, but pressure does not change.

  1. Check for kinks in the hose.
  2. If the problem persists, remove the hose. Air should be pushed through the nozzle and exhaust from the bed. If this does not happen, look for visible obstructions. If there are none, call your dealer or call Comfortaire at 1-800-759-0594.

Dirty Cover?

Steam clean only—do not dry clean! Steam clean, allow to dry thoroughly, and replace the cover on your bed.

Cover wear?

Over time, impressions will occur in the cover. This is normal. Settling may also occur. Only the cover quilting is affected. Air support components will last a lifetime.

Interested in an updated cover or topper pad?

Call your dealer, or call Comfortaire at 1-800-759-0594 and let us walk you through your choices.