reNew reFresh.Adjustable Bed Parts

adjustable bed parts

Modular construction means you can keep your Comfortaire® bed like new.

Your mattress may be different from this one, but all Comfortaire adjustable beds feature modular component construction.

  1. Mattress Cover
  2. Foam Topper
  3. Air Chambers
  4. Box Top
  5. Foam Mid Support Blocks
  6. Edge Support Blocks
  7. Firmness Control System
  8. Hand Control

Unlike traditional mattresses that must be discarded when springs sag and lose their shape, air support never breaks down.

But if you choose to, you can update or refresh your Comfortaire with new adjustable bed parts. Switch out your mattress cover for a fresh new one. Or, change from memory foam to Evellafoam for a different feel. You can even upgrade your firmness control system for more features. If you ever need to, it’s possible to replace any component of your mattress. Changing out adjustable bed parts and components is simple, and easy. With Comfortaire, the choice is yours.

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