15-Inch Box-Top

Escape the world to ultimate control over your bed and your mattress—that’s ultimate comfort.

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So many things in life are simply beyond your control. At the end of the day, escape to a sanctuary that offers you ultimate control, the U15.

Your day doesn’t stop when you climb into bed. Like to watch TV or read at night? Like to catch up on email while your partner counts sheep? No more stacks of pillows. The innovative split-top design of the U15 combined with a power base lets you adjust the mattress to your needs without compromising those of your sleep partner.

When its time to sleep, individually control comfort and support for each side of the mattress—a perfect fit for each of you. Snuggle in, since the U15 is one mattress, not twins like other adjustable beds. Matchless comfort is delivered by Attune Design™, a game-changing mattress design that delivers pure air support for maximum sleep benefits. A silky cover caresses your skin, and helps keep you from experiencing extreme temperature changes while you sleep. A luxurious comfort layer cradles you and provides additional control in maintaining body temperature. A patented low-profile air chamber brings air to the top for maximum benefits across the entire surface of your mattress, and 15% more air support. Pressure-points are reduced so you toss and turn less, rewarded with more restful sleep.

Ultimate control, ultimate comfort, ultimate sleep, ultimate wellness. That’s Comfort for Life®.

Sleep better, feel better, live better. Comfortaire.

Please Note:
Split-head mattresses require adjustable bases for up/down movement.These are sold separately on our website or you may use your existing adjustable base.Wall-hugger adjustable bases are not compatible with split-head designed mattresses.


Personalized Sleep Experiences®

You prefer firm while your sleep partner prefers soft. There’s no need to compromise. Each of you can adjust your side of the bed for a perfect individual fit. Adjustment is easy—just the touch of a button. Best of all, your Comfortaire can be adjusted to always fit perfectly, even if your sleep needs change.

GraPhase Foam™

Start with open-celled CoolFlow™ Memory Foam. Add ThermaGel™ Foam and finally super-conducting graphite. What that means to you is super-responsive, superdurable, super-cooling comfort. 46% better than standard opencell memory foam, up to 7x more than closed cell memory foam. You’ll be cooler, more comfortable and you’ll sleep better.

Split Top Design

Creating a surface that is uniquely suited for use in conjunction with Comfortaire’s premium powerbase takes adjustability to a whole new level. Using a powerbase lets you tailor your Comfortaire to meet your sleep needs even more perfectly.

Feran Ice® Technology

Moisture transport is the key to keeping cool. When you begin to perspire, Feran Ice, with it‘s distinct hydrophilic function wicks away moisture faster than any other fabric. You stay cool—and sleep better.

Attune Design™

Attune Design is the purest solution for air-supported sleep. Attune puts your bed in complete accord with your body. Under a luxurious mattress cover, a layer of incredibly plush comfort conforms perfectly to you.

Edge-to-Edge Air™—Patented urethane air chambers go all the way to the edges of the bed for full adjustability across the entire mattress surface and 15% more air-supported sleeping area.

Air on Top™—When air is brought to the top of the bed, you receive the maximum benefit from air support, pressure relief and ability to adjust firmness on each side of the bed to fit each sleeper’s needs perfectly.

When your body is in harmony with your bed, you’ll sleep restfully, with less tossing and turning, and wake restored. That’s comfort for life®.

Q10™ Wireless Firmness Control

Comfortaire®’s first generation wireless air control system. This new air control system puts the power of personalized adjustability at the touch of your finger. With 100 Comfort Settings, this air control system gives you the perfect setting for your Personalized Sleep Experiences™.

Inside your U15

  1. Mattress Cover
    New cooling knit cover with Feran Ice® technology
  2. Comfort Layer
    New GraPhase™ temperature-adaptive gel memory foam
  3. Air Chambers
    Patented 3.5-inch urethane based film air chambers
  4. Foam Perimeter Support
    1.6 density foam with fabric covers and velcro fasteners; 6 inches high
  5. Base Foam
    High resiliency support foam; 6 inches high

Air Control System
New Q10™ Wireless Firmness Control

Comfortaire foams are certified:
  • Made without ozone depleters
  • Made without PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants
  • Made without mercury, lead and heavy metals
  • Made without formaldehyde
  • Made without phthalates regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

Additional Information

Total itemNo
Origin Category ID(comma separated))No
Show in origin categoryNo
SeriesUltimate Collection
ConfigurationSplit Top Box-Top Aire
CoverCooling Knit Cover with Cooler Touch® Technology
No Flip DesignYes
Allergen/Dust Mite ResistanceYes
CareSteam Clean
Compatible with Adjustable BaseYes
Comfort LayerGraphPhase temperature-adaptive gel memory foam
Comfort Layer Thickness3-inches
Air ChamberUrethane Based Film Chambers
Air Chamber Thickness3.5-inches
Edge-To-Edge™ AirYes
Foam Perimeter Support6-inch 1.6 Density Foam Fabric Covered
Support Layer1.8 Density High Resiliency Foam with Fabric Cover
Support Layer Thickness6-inches
Support TypeFully Adjustable Air
Surface FeelPlush
Air Control SystemQ10
Warranty4/25 Limited

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